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“David is our “david” when we are being attacked by “goliaths.” Over the years, we have learned to fear not when he is defending us, even against the biggest bullies. We just concluded a battle against a giant government agency that used all its vast resources to bring a false claim against us. We never worried about the final outcome, because there was never a day in the three-year struggle that David allowed the government to intimidate us. He is an accomplished lawyer, negotiator and advisor.”
… Nicole Miller, fashion designer; president, Nicole Miller


“Unlike so many attorneys I have worked with in the past, David is a dealmaker, not a deal-breaker. Above all, I know he and his firm are always protecting me and my company’s best interests.”
…Scott Conant, chef, restaurateur, and author


“For over a decade, David has consistently provided us with sound, business-minded counsel.”
Dennis Wang, chief principal officer, Alexander Wang Incorporated


“I know from personal experience that David is a tenacious litigator whom you want on your side in a contested matter.”
Dave H. Williams, former chairman, then chairman emeritus, Alliance Capital Management 


“David has not only provided sound legal counsel, but also advice on how to achieve my goals, which were met. He is a great partner.”
Matt Adell, former chief executive officer, Beatport


“David has a knack for narrowing complicated matters down to the key issues to be resolved. He has skillfully navigated me through some very important matters.”
Peter Som, fashion designer


“David is an accomplished attorney that has not lost his “street smarts.” A creative thinker, he won our case against The New York Times for slander at a very reasonable cost because of his novel approach. David often brings a new approach to seemingly unsolvable problems. He delivers in a timely manner and is not bogged down by a maze of partners and associates.”
Bud Konheim, CEO, Nicole Miller


“People often experience extreme apprehension at the thought of meeting with their lawyer. I treasure my time with David. He has guided me through the most complex situations with complete clarity and confidence. He continually demonstrates his laser- beam focus, making sure that every possible detail of my business has been addressed. I find great comfort knowing that a man of David’s admirable professionalism, strong ethics and amiable personality is my lawyer.”
Louis Licari. C.E.O., Louis Licari; cohost, Ambush Makeover—NBC’s The Today Show


“David Berg has been our corporate counsel since 2000 and has represented us in situations ranging from lease negotiation to litigation, as well as key management for personal matters. It has been a pleasure working with him.”
…Ajay Bhumitra, President And Ceo, Arjay Wireless Group Of Companies


“David and his team have performed sophisticated corporate work with superior efficiency and accessibility.”
Ian Sandler, managing director for a global alternative asset manager


“David is a fierce and loyal advocate, a seasoned legal strategist and cool under pressure.”
Pino Luongo, restaurateur


“David and his firm have been a valuable resource to us on several of our New York- related matters. They provide timely, effective and efficient services.”
George W. Herz II, senior vice president, general counsel and secretary, Uno Restaurant Holdings Corporation d/b/a Uno Pizzeria & Grill


“If your company is like mine and doesn’t have a general counsel, David and his firm seamlessly fill that role with solid legal guidance and an arsenal of firepower when needed.”
Cozy Friedman, CEO, Cozy’s Cuts for Kids; author


“David is an uncommon attorney: he is accessible and responsive; he listens carefully and provides advice that is concise, candid and practical; he believes that litigation should be the last resort; and he offers insightful, cost-effective alternatives.”
Robert H. Bloom, strategist and author 


“David Berg is the best kept secret in New York’s legal community. Through our work on complex federal litigation over the years, David has become a trusted friend and my first choice for counsel when matters arise in and around New York. David is practical, resourceful and persistent in solving legal problems. David’s counsel on professional and personal matters is well considered and invaluable. David and his team deliver a surprising big-firm punch from their small-firm environment. I highly recommend David to anyone needing legal counsel in the New York area.”
Michael Powell, shareholder, Baker Donelson Bearman Caldwell & Berkowitz, PC


“If you want a lawyer who is entrepreneurial, industrious, hands-on, solutions-oriented and resourceful, David is your obvious choice. I’ve worked with David with a number of my clients. He has added tremendous value to each and every relationship. His networking skills are top-notch, and his business acumen is unparalleled. I would recommend all types of businesses, small to large, without hesitation to David.”
James Wohn, senior vice president, Capital One Bank 


“I have known David personally and professionally for almost 20 years now. In his role as our corporate attorney, David has counseled us on everything from setting up our company to potential transactions, contracts and litigation. His approach is aggressive, detailed and results oriented. As a smaller firm, David doesn’t have time to waste—so expect to get your money’s worth!! If he doesn’t have deep knowledge of a situation, he has an extensive Rolodex of contacts and would be happy to refer you. David is an addicted networker—so many times he has been a great conduit to meeting potential customers, or other professionals. As a great friend, David has always been there for me and stood by me at some of my most difficult times. I am honored to be able to write this.”
Marc Siden, CEO, OnBoard Informatics


“David is an excellent advisor. He’s extremely thoughtful and creative in times of dealmaking but, more importantly, careful, with a long outlook, when it comes time for deal closing. I would highly recommend David and his firm to any business looking for a strategic advisor to guide them safely through the land mines inherent in growing a business.”
Sang Cho, president and CEO of Prestige Corporation


“I have no fear when David is near. David Berg is just the best… I would be lost without him.”
Cornelia Guest, C.E.O. Cornelia Guest, LLC; Author; Animal Activist