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“David is our ‘david’ when we are being attacked
by ‘goliaths.’Over the years, we have learned
to fear not when he is defending us, even
against the biggest bullies.”
— Nicole Miller, fashion designer and president, Nicole Miller
"Unlike so many attorneys I have worked with in
the past, David is a dealmaker, not a deal-breaker.
Above all, I know he and his firm are always
protecting me and my company’s best interests.”
— Scott Conant, chef, restaurateur and author
"For over a decade, David has consistently
provided us with sound, business-minded counsel."
— Dennis Wang, chief principal officer, Alexander Wang Incorporated
“I know from personal experience that
David is a tenacious litigator whom you
want on your side in a contested matter.”
— Dave H. Williams, former chairman, then chairman emeritus, Alliance Capital Management
"David has not only provided sound legal counsel,
but also advice on how to achieve my goals, which
were met. He is a great partner.”
— Matt Adell, former chief executive officer, Beatport
"David has a knack for narrowing complicated
matters down to the key issues to be resolved.
He has skillfully navigated me through some
very important matters."
— Peter Som, Fashion Designer
"I have no fear when David is near.
David Berg is just the best...
I would be lost without him."
— Cornelia Guest, C.E.O. Cornelia Guest, LLC; Author; Animal Activist