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A commercial lease is a long-term contract, a legal arrangement that’s with you for many years. Some clients downplay the importance of having a knowledgeable attorney negotiate their leases. They think it’s all boilerplate, but it’s not.  — David C. Berg


The ability to negotiate all manner of commercial real estate leases is a particular strength of our firm. As so many of our clients have large national and international operations, we regularly secure advantageous terms for stores, showrooms, restaurants and offices of all sizes and types. We have negotiated with most major landlords in the New York area as well as nationally, and developed a good feel for what we can — and cannot — attain from them.


We have also litigated against many of those same landlords. We regularly represent our clients in the full range of lease disputes — non-payment proceedings, eviction claims, Yellowstone injunctions, declaratory judgments, etc. — and, interestingly, our record of success has caused a number of landlords to seek our services, as well.