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We represent a lot of creative folks — people coming up with valuable work product all the time. We make sure they retain ownership of the tools of their trade. David Berg


For our clients in the creative fields — fashion designers, celebrity chefs, restaurateurs, entertainment professionals — intellectual property is at the very core of the business model. Often enough, their entire existence depends on the careful protection and aggressive defense of their creative assets — and they rely on us to provide both.


Accordingly, we take an active role in the creation, enforcement, and exploitation of our clients’ intellectual property. We draft a wide variety of licensing agreements for both licensors and licensees. We also work with trusted co-counsel to oversee the cost-effective registration of patents and trademarks.


Above all, we defend our clients’ assets in litigation. With the spread of social media and other digital technologies — and as the opportunities for infringement proliferate — we are ever alert to the misuse of our clients’ name, likeness, and other intellectual property, taking appropriate legal action when necessary. We also defend clients accused of misusing the assets of others.


The goal is to ensure that our clients continue to own and enjoy the fruits of the valuable property they work so hard to create.