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I’m often the only one that’s ever saying to a CEO, ‘No, you can’t do that. Listen, you’re being misled.’ They know they need to hear it from somebody and they accept it from me. … David Berg


With a prestigious clientele that includes household names from the fashion, restaurant, entertainment, and financial services industries, as well as other corporate entities and individuals engaged in a variety of diverse businesses, our team provides a full range of business-oriented legal services to sophisticated companies, executives and entrepreneurs.


Many of our clients consider themselves refugees from large law firms. Disenchanted with the outsize pricing and staffing needs endemic to the Big Law business model, they fully appreciate the personal attention and superior work product we deliver on a daily basis.


As a number of our clients are closely-held companies that lack their own in-house legal departments, we fill the General Counsel function for them. We are their first stop for all legal matters, providing unfiltered strategic advice on business affairs of all kinds. In this capacity, we act as “an extension of the client,” representing them in litigation, and performing most of their corporate, labor and employment, real estate, and intellectual property work, as well. Any matter considered outside the scope of our capabilities is outsourced to trusted counsel, closely overseen by the firm so as to control quality and cost.


In all our endeavors, the emphasis is squarely on the ongoing success of our client’s business. Our approach is always to find the right answer to the business problem at hand — if we think the pursuit of a transaction or litigation does not provide that answer, we will not hesitate to advise against it. We perform all services in a direct, cost-effective manner — while the tried-and-true solution is always desirable, we are more than capable of being as creative as the situation requires.


Everyone on our team started out at a big firm. Most of our opponents are represented by big firms. Our work product is equal to anything turned out by a big firm. Yet we never over-staff and we never over-price. The only thing not big about us is our size.